Dauber Tunes April Schedule & Updates

So, we have not been around much in February and March. The gap in streams has been for our own mental health but also for planning and implementation of a number of changes and new additions we want to bring to Dauber Tunes. A number of those changes are set to happen here in April as is more of a regular streaming schedule. Check out the following for our upcoming schedule and updates:

April Highlights:

  • 6 streams coming up!
  • Theme weekends
  • Staring to stream on Dauber Tunes’ Twitch channel
  • New #MusicBingo Quickie
  • New Tunes News
  • New merchandise drops
  • Make Coo do a 24 hour stream
  • New Sponsor!

April’s Schedule:

April Updates:

Streams this month: As per the above we have a number of streams coming up for this month. Come and join us when you can. Check out our socials for updates on specific events.

Theme Weekends: We are at the point where votes for weekly themes have dropped and we have so many playlists. There is an economic theory that Coo will gladly share with you, but it has been decided that we are going to move to weekly theme weekends. This way we can get through everyone’s playlist in a fun thematic way!

New Channel, same Music Bingo: So starting Wednesday, April 13th we will be broadcasting from our Dauber Tunes Twitch channel. We will be taking some to transition to the new channel. This has been a long term goal in terms of branding Dauber Tunes and providing us an opportunity for growth. Please check out the schedule it clearly notes what channel we will broadcasting on.

New #MusicBingo Quickie: Click here to learn more about this! More Dauber Tunes each week does that work for you all? We are hoping to use this to introduce more people to our community, but also bring in new hosts, more fun, more music and of course more bingo!

New Tunes News: We use to send out an email newsletter every week. This just got too much! However, based on requests we will be doing a new version of the Tunes News. This e-publication will be once a month (beginning of each month) where we will present the upcoming month(s) activities. If you were getting our last emails you should get our new publication. If you don’t get it check your junk email folder. Our first “new” Tune News will be going out on April 10th!

New Merch Drops: We have a new partenrship with Forthwall which is a merchandise company made for streamers. With this new partners we are planning regular and limited time drops of Dauber Tunes designs, but the best part — SEND US YOUR DESIGNS. Best part of our new partnership is we can produce drops for you with a “profit” of what you want.

24 Hour Stream: So, after almost 3 years of streaming Coo is looking for you all to push him. He has set a goal of 150 subs or $300 in tips by the end of April. If that goal is met he will do a 24 hour stream. At this time we are 25 subs in and $49 in tips. Let’s make Coo do a 24 hour stream!

New Sponsor: We have been lucky enough to secure a new sponsor for April, HelloFresh. We are so excited! Unfortunately, their offer is only available for our American community members. If you are looking for a great way to support our channel please consider signing up for some meals. If get 10 people to sign up for HelloFresh we will make Coo do the 24 hour stream even if we don’t make the sub or tip goal. Click here to learn more about this offer.

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