About Us

Dauber Tunes is the brainchild and passion of @CasualCoo. In the spring of 2020, @CasualCoo & partner answered the call of our government leaders, public health officials, and a number of celebrities who plead and inspired us to stay home and stop the spread of COVID-19. @CasualCoo‘s answer was to create an online, live-streaming version of the popular pub game music bingo.

What is Dauber Tunes?

Dauber Tunes is an amazing, fun, social and interactive game that combines bingo with a musical flair, chair dancing, comedy, social distancing, and a whole lot of silliness! We have replaced the numbers on a bingo card with songs, then intertwined that with two funny hosts, mini-games & challenges, poetry, giveaways, dance-offs, and the naughty corner.

It is a fantastically fun evening where you get together with family, friends, and others to listen, sing, and chair dance to some awesome songs.

We bring Dauber Tunes into your house via a live Twitch broadcast. All you need is an internet-enabled device and you can play or even just watch. Dauber Tunes is FREE to play!

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