How to Play

It is very easy to play Dauber Tunes. No matter your technical prowess you don’t have to be afraid of accessing or playing Dauber Tunes. It is easy, and once you catch on with our craziness we guarantee you will have fun.

What do you need to play Dauber Tunes?

There are a few essentials you need to play Dauber Tunes. These include:

** An Internet-enabled device like a phone, TV, tablet, laptop, Chromebook or PC/Mac.

** Playing cards, which you will get before 3 pm local time before the start of a Dauber Tunes stream.

** Bingo dauber or your favourite Sharpie (or smelly marker!).

** Some snacks and your favourite beverage.

How to Play

To play Dauber Tunes follow the instructions below:

** Visit (It’s suggested you login 5 minutes before the start of a stream.)

** When the stream starts the hosts will go over the rules and the finer points of playing Dauber Tunes.

** The hosts will play 30 – 45 seconds of a song.

** You review your playing cards and if you see the song that was just played, mark it off.

** When you get two lines (in any direction) type !BINGO into our chat or announce it via email or text.

** Then we start all over again for the next round!

^^Note: You don’t have to register with Twitch to play Dauber Tunes. However, we highly suggest it as it will allow you to participate in the games and chat. The chat is a lot of fun and is also the primary way for you to announce !BINGO. To register with Twitch go to and click on the “Sign Up” button, which will be in the upper right corner of your screen. Create a username, enter your email and password and then submit. Registering for Twitch is FREE!

If you are interested in playing Dauber Tunes click on the following button to register.