Breweries, Distilleries & Wineries

There are a few ways you Daubers Tunes and your fine brewery, distillery or winery can get work together. The primary goal of working together is to provide your products more exposure and entertainment for your patrons. Check out the following. If interested in learning more contact us by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

In-House Dauber Tunes Broadcast

Do you have an in-house eatery or lounge? Are you looking for an unique way to entertain your patrons? We we will broadcast 2 – 3 rounds of Dauber Tunes through your televisions or patron’s phones. The broadcast would be branded as your own and we would work it into a schedule that best suits you. Contact us for more details and pricing.

Broadcast & Social Media Promotion

Dauber Tunes offers the ability for companies to promote their products. This comes in form or logo placement, short-product/service promos, in-stream tastings & review and branding of our playing cards. Fill out the following contact form if you would like further information and pricing on this option.


Dauber Tunes platform and format is ideal if you are interested in having us give a sample of your produce or service away. There are opportunities to provide your product or swag as our prizes or we can offer your products as special giveaways. If you would like more information on this opportunity please fill out the below contact form.

Pub Night Host

Dauber Tunes offers the opportunity for several establishments broadcast Dauber Tunes on either Thursday or Saturday. This will be a special night where hundreds of players from around the country will play together. It will be the ultimate, COVID-friendly socializing. If you are interested in being a host fill out the following contact form.

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