About Dauber Tunes

Dauber Tunes is the brainchild and passion of @CasualCoo. In the spring of 2020, @CasualCoo & partner answered the call of our government leaders, public health officials, and a number of celebrities who plead and inspired us to stay home and stop the spread of COVID-19. @CasualCoo‘s answer was to create an online, live-streaming version of the popular pub game music bingo.

Since the end of COVID Dauber Tunes has continued to thrive and grow. Every month @CasualCoo hosts Dauber Tunes events which brings people together for their love of music and bingo. Dauber Tunes brings people together, which is so important today. No matter our differences, Dauber Tunes brings people together for a couple of hours where community, laughs, music and bingo make us happy!

What is Dauber Tunes?

Dauber Tunes is an amazing, fun, social and interactive game that combines bingo with a musical flair, chair dancing, comedy, social distancing, and a whole lot of silliness! We have replaced the numbers on a bingo card with songs, then intertwined that with two funny hosts, mini-games & challenges, poetry, giveaways, dance-offs, and the naughty corner.

It is a fantastically fun evening where you get together with family, friends, and others to listen, sing, and chair dance to some awesome songs.

We bring Dauber Tunes into your house via a live Twitch and Kick broadcast. All you need is an internet-enabled device and you can play or even just watch. Dauber Tunes is FREE to play!

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