Interactivity & Commands

There are a number of ways you can interact with the hosts of Dauber Tunes. The most basic way is to watch and play during our regular streams. Another way is to sign up with Twitch and follow our channel. This allows you to participate in chat which opens a number of ways for you to interact with the hosts of Dauber Tunes. Check out the following information on how you can interact with Dauber Tunes hosts and our community online and offline.

If you create a Twitch account you can interact with Dauber Tunes’ host in more ways. This can happen with interactive chat and commands. Below is a list of those commands.

This includes commands for avatars. We will regularly update these commands as we add new ones.

Interactive Commmands

Information Commands

  • !Ask – find out how you can ask CasualCoo a question using your CasualCoins
  • !Bits – learn about how to get and use cheers bits.
  • !Bingo – If you have two lines filled in you will be a winner if you type in !BINGO
  • !Casual – initiate a conversation on what it is to be a casual World of Warcraft player
  • !Cheers – learn now to get yourself some bits where you can access
  • !Commands – get a list of all the chat commands you can access while watching CasualCoo on Twitch
  • !Cool – Get yourself some of the one and only Bob Ross
  • !CooRewards – What are CooRewards and how to use them to interact with CasualCoo.
  • !Deny – Deny a duel request from another user.
  • !Dare – Dare CasualCoo to do something
  • !Duel – Duel another chatter
  • !Interactive – Learn access chat commands that will allow you to interact with CasualCoo.
  • !Love – CasualCoo will give LadyCoo some love or if she’s not there you will get his love.
  • !Lurk – Let CasualCoo know you will just be lurking .
  • !Roulette – Use your CooPoints to gamble away
  • !Shoutout [streamer’s name] – give love to your fav streamer
  • !Slots – Play some slots when CasualCoo is streaming (if you have CooCoins)
  • !Sociable – make CasualCoo & LadyCoo drink during drunk tanking streams
  • !Cards – Didn’t get or need cards to play this shows you now to request cards.
  • !Colours – This will let you know what are CasualCoo’s & LadyCoo’s favourite colours.
  • !Follow – where you can follow CasaulCoo on social media
  • !Hosting – lists all the wonderful streamers who CasaulCoo hosts
  • !LastSub – see who was CasualCoo’s last subscriber
  • !Prime – learn how to use your Amazon Prime membership to subscribe for free to CasualCoo
  • !Support – details the different ways you can support our channel and efforts
  • !Top – Who is at the top of CasualCoo’s supporter’s list
  • !URL – shows CasualCoo’s & Dauber Tune’s domains