Pubs & Restaurants

Dauber Tunes is ideally situated to help any public house. Our service offers in-house, socially-responsible entertainment that is low cost. From hosting your own events to being part of Dauber Tunes ongoing events we can help your establishment gain, keep and expand your customer-base. Below are a coupe options your establishment can work with Dauber Tunes. If you are interested in learning more fill out the following contact form.

Broadcast Dauber Tunes In-House

Are you looking for away to entertain your patrons and keep them in your seats longer? Dauber Tunes can broadcast right into your establishment. The broadcast and it’s associated materials be branded with your establishment’s logo and our hosts will promote your specials and other events. If you are interested in in learning more about this opportunity simply fill out the following form and we will be in touch.

Pub Night Host

Dauber Tunes hosts a “Pub NIght” where establishments around the continent broadcast our stream. This is a fantastic opportunity to entertain your patrons and interact with other like-minded people. Like above, if you are interested in this opportunity fill out the following form.

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