Dauber Tunes has over 100 fantastic playlists to use during our streams. As we utilize YouTube to play Dauber Tunes we can make our playlists available to your community. Click on the links below to access one, two or more of our playlists.

The members of our community are instrumental in helping us come up with new playlists. We are continually adding new lists so keep checking back. Feel free to share with your friends. Some playlists we are working on and will be adding to the above list shortly include:

  • Walkman & iPod Classics
  • TV Commercial Hit Songs
  • Girl Power: Female Rappers & Hip Hop Stars
  • Remote Control
  • Marvel Comic Universe
  • Hip Hop Hits
  • Hits of the 20s (1920 & 2020)

If you have a suggestion for a Dauber Tunes playlist click here and let us know. If a link is broken or goes to the wrong playlists click here to report.

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