Host Dauber Tunes at your Establishment

Are you looking to bring affordable, fun & interactive entertainment to ALL your patrons? Typically, if you are hosting an event (live music, music bingo, trivia, etc…) only those patrons who are inside your establishment can benefit. Dauber Tunes can deliver entertainment to all of your patrons whether they can make it down for a night or not! We can also offer you access to a wider audience and something and entertainment that is virtually free! Learn more below …

What is Dauber Tunes?

Dauber Tunes is bingo with a musical flair with a difference. Bingo with a musical flair is nothing new = music bingo. The concept behind it is that the numbers on a bingo card have been replaced with song titles and artists. A clip of a song is played and players then dab the song if it’s on a playing card that is handed out.

So, what is Dauer Tunes’ difference?

  • We deliver our event through our televions and/or patrons phones. So your patrons who are in-house, on the patio, or who do take-out can participate.
  • Based on our service delivery we are not in-house which means your establishment does not lose seats to host this event. (more $$ for your tills)
  • We play video clips or songs vs just the audio.
  • Our broadcast will reach anyone who has access to the stream so there is potential for your establishment it.
  • Your event will be promoted to our network.
  • Play cards will be branded with your establishment’s logo and another message you want to provide.
  • Loads of opportunites for your patrons to interact.
  • There is NO COST!

Want to host your own Dauber Tunes Night?

Fill out and submit the following form and we will be in contact to set things up.