Dauber Tunes Pub Night

DauberTunes would like to invite your establishment to be part of our “Pub Night.” This unique event aims at providing your patrons social-distancing, responsible entertainment. 

What is Dauber Tunes?

Dauber Tunes is a live-streamed, online version of bingo with a musical flair (music bingo). We have replaced the bingo numbers of a standard bingo card with song titles and their artist. We will then play 45 – 60 seconds of a video of the song and players will mark the song off on their cards. We broadcast this to your establishment’s TVs and your patron’s phones. We don’t have to be in our locale.

We interject the playing of songs with banter, jokes, shout-outs, and mini-games for players to win free spaces and other prizes. 

What is Dauber Tunes Pub Night”

Our Pub Night is one where we will simultaneously broadcast Dauber Tunes in different pubs, taverns, restaurants, breweries, or other public establishments around the country.

We will play two theme games during the event and we will have a first-place winner and second-place winner in each round. Your establishment will be responsible for the winner in your location.  The event lasts 3 hours. So we will keep people in your seats or your off-site patrons happy.

Cost to participate?

** There is no cost for your establishment to participate.

** All we ask is that you provide the first place winners of each round a gift certificate of $20 – $25. 

Benefits of participating:

** Provide no-cost entertainment for your patrons.

** Keep your patrons in their seats for a couple of hours.

** Build some community rivalries with other local & regional establishments.

** Promotion of your establishment to others in your region and around the world.

** By broadcasting our event into your establishment we will not be taking up space in your establishment and the nature of our game 

What does Dauber Tunes provide your establishment?

** Manage & broadcast Dauber Tunes into your establishment

** Provide player & establishment how-to information

** 2 musical-themed rounds (approx 90 mins/round)

** Branded randomized bingo cards (up to your capacity plus 10 extra cards)

** Mini-games for your guests to win extra cards or special prizes

** Second-place winner prize 

** How-to-play cards for your tables 

** Charming hosts

** Promotion of the event through our social media channels