Take Out Pub Night

COVID just does not seem to want to go away! Restrictions in many parts of the country are continuing to change how eating & liquor establishments operate. Limited or no inside dining, only take-out or outdoor dining, limits on the number of people you can serve, etc…. Staying connected and keeping your patrons during these times is an everyday challenge.

DauberTunes can help with eating & liquor establishments’ challenges through our very successful, community-building, online entertainment offerings. These offerings will allow your patrons to interact with each other along with others, in additional allows you the stay connected with them via a fun, memorable event. Our online “bingo with a musical flair” is like bringing in a band or holding a special event but not in-house. We can offer your establishment not only an entertaining evening but one that is 100% adherent to current COVID protocols.

Dauber Tunes is looking to host a dedicated night called Take-Out Pub Night. Interested?

How Take-Out Dauber Tunes Works!

  • Dauber Tunes will host an event on a designated date (TBD)
  • 2 musically-themed rounds will be played
  • Dauber Tunes will send your establishment playing cards, which will be branded with your logo and a message of any current specials you have running
  • You print off cards and include one card per item in a take out order
  • The cards will have a QR code which provides your patrons information on how to access Dauber Tunes and how to play
  • Your establish will provide the first round prizes for your patrons we will provide a second play prize
  • Dauber Tunes will shout out your establishment at least twice during the broadcast and provide you promote your establishment during our social media marketing of the event
  • Your establishment’s logo will show on our broadcast stream (in rotation)
  • Our hosts broadcast Dauber Tunes and everyone has fun!

Other details:

  • No cost for your establishment to participate
  • Your patrons will be playing with others from other establishments so the hosts will encourage some friendly competition
  • If a winner comes from your establish we will inform you who won (with the name and contact info) along with instructions on how to pick up their prize

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NOTE: Ask about Dauber Tunes Patio-Version! Dauber Tunes can deliver you an entertainment option that is compliant with COVID health regulations. The nature of how we deliver our entertainment can provide you an option to keep patrons in your limited seats and spend more money. If you are in a situation where you are facing patio-only service and looking for a way to entertain your guests contact us. Dauber Tunes can be broadcast to people’s phones so we could hold an evening just for your patrons while they watch and play via their phones.