Dauber Tunes’ 1 & 1/2 Birthday & Dauber Appreciation Party

It’s Sanchin’s favourite type of party! It’s Dauber Tunes’ Birthday and a Half-Birthday! WOOT! WOOT! We also thought we throw an appreciation night for everyone who has been part of the community over the past 18 months. This party will be happening on Saturday, October 16th in-house and online.

This event will be a 3 round Dauber Tunes plus an array of community challenges and giveaways.

  • Merch Giveaways
  • Coo’s Wheel of Questioning
  • 1/2 Birthday Cake Challenge
  • LadyCoo’s Guest That Squeaky Toy Challenge
  • In-House Guest Dance-Offs
  • Karoke Challenge
  • Discounted Tupperware
  • $100 giveaway

The fun gets started at 6:30 pm PST on Twitch.

If you want to join us in-house we are asking you to fill out the following form. Please note: we will be limiting the number of people joining us in-house and you will be required to send us your vaccine card before joining us.

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