Daubers Tunes Update

Greetings to all you fantastic peeps of our Dauber Tunes community! A sincere apology from us over our silence over the past few months. We have left you hanging, and we are deeply sorry for that. You all have meant so much to us over the past couple of years. The memories and friendships created can never be replaced.

There has been a lot going on here at Dauber Tunes HQ, which has not allowed us to host regular events. Changes in the COVID situation definitely has been a reason for the lack of regular streams. Player numbers were dropping since the fall. There are more things to do then sit in on a Saturday night. CasualCoo also got his gallbladder surgery which knocked him out of action for a month and a half. Finally, and most impactful on our streams, LadyCoo & CasualCoo have separated. They both need to do some personal work, and the separation is the best way for both of them to do this work. They are still friends, and one never knows what the future will bring.

CasualCoo will have some news around Dauber Tunes coming out in the coming weeks regarding new shows, events and other services. Dauber Tunes will be coming back online. For this news follow one or all of our social media channels! Facebook, Twitter, TikTok or Instagram.

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