Leave Dauber Tunes a Google Review

Recently, we introduced that we are looking to expand and grow Dauber Tunes into something bigger and better. There are a number of things involved in our growth plan. After creating a Dauber Tunes-specific Twitch channel, the next step in our expansion is how people find us on the Internet. 

We recently expanded our profile on Google. If you go to Google and search for “Dauber Tunes” you will notice a whole profile to the right. To help us grow it helps to get reviews of Dauber Tunes. We would love it if you all could leave a review for us. Please use “music bingo” in your review, as it will help us climb the search results for that term. We don’t care the number of stars you live us, one of five, leave us something and some comments about what you think of Dauber Tunes. 

Submit your review by September 30th and you will be entered to win a Good Vibes T-shirt. The draw will take place on our October 2nd stream. 

Click here to submit your review.

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