Dauber Tunes is Coming Back Baby

Dauber Tunes is returning on September 10th with a special LIVE event!

Dauber Tunes is coming back BABY! Who is excited? This is a special LIVE event at Tamus’ house! Yes, the location where @CasualCoo almost lost his manhood to a dog! Is there a better reason to join him or tune-in to see if the dog or Coo wins.

This special event is Dauber Tunes’ comeback after half-a-year. World, life, and love changes required Dauber Tunes to take a break. However, we are back with a bunch of new features, playlists, a new look and a new channel (www.twitch.tv/daubertunes).

As per usual, we will be playing two rounds of bingo. Keep an eye one our socials for the announcement on the playlists. There will be a couple mini-games, dance-offs, maybe impromptu karaoke, a race between Coo & the dog, special guests, and who knows what else!

If you want to join us in-person click here to let us know and for the address.

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