Next Dauber Tunes Coming October 21st

Hey all you fabulous Daubers! We are excited to announced the next Dauber Tunes is happening here in October. This is going to be another Dauber Tunes LIVE, where we will broadcasting from one of our community members’ houses. Even better, it is our host’s birthday! It is going to an epic night!

This event is going to be happening on Friday, October 21st starting at 6 PM PST. YES, we are going to try a Friday night out! Based on our last live event we will also be doing 3 rounds of music bingo. It’s going to be a fun, fun night! Just as a FYI, there is a hot tub, who knows, maybe CasualCoo may find himself dipping his toes! Keep an eye on our socials for more details in the coming days.

If you would like to come join us live email us and we will send you further details. If you can’t join us live we hope that you can join us online. As always, you will be able to play on your phone via RockStar Bingo, it’s free to play, and there are prizes to be won. Oh finally, we will be broadcasting from our Dauber Tunes twitch channel –