New Dauber Tunes Merch: JTD Posse

@DauberTunes is extremely luck to have such a fantastic community of players. Thanks to our community our Saturday night streams are full of laughter, silliness, craziness and a general good time, something that we so desperately need in 2020.

Over the past few months we have shown our appreciation to our community by immortalizing many of you with specialty Dauber Tunes wear. We are very excited to announce we have added our latest community t-shirt and merchandise. We have a group of fantastic ladies who play with us nearly every weekend. They also graciously help us keep order by keeping us all honest and putting those who are not being very honest in the naughty corner. Thanks to @SheriffJenn, @DeputyTiff & @DeputyDeb for bein Dauber Tunes’ Posse.

Check out our new Dauber Tunes’ Posse merch and our other community member stuff on our online store.

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