New Dauber Tunes Twitch Channel

We are moving towards making Dauber Tunes bigger and better. As a result, we will be introducing you to a number of new things over the next few months that will help us achieve our growth goals. 

The first thing we would like to introduce you to is a new Dauber Tunes Twitch channel. Eventually, we will be moving our Dauber Tunes stream to this channel, but not quite yet. The goal for this channel will be to have Dauber Tunes or similar music bingo-type streams running 24/7. We will share with you some of these plans on Saturday. For now, this channel will be used to stream our games on Saturday and other special events and it will also host other music bingo streamers (@RandomishGameShow). 

What we need from all of you now is to go follow this channel. Click on the button below to follow. Thanks in advance for following our new channel.