Dauber Tunes Pride Event

Dauber Tunes is excited to be returning Wednesday, June 28th! Our community is so amazing, loving, caring and accepting so we thought Pride Month would be a perfect time for a return! We have all missed you too much!

You read things right! We are trying a Wednesday night. Based on feedback from you (btw we are still looking for your feedback) and the fact it is summer we know people will be busy on weekends! We will be starting at 6 pm PST. We are planning two rounds:

We will be broadcasting on Coo’s Twitch Channel! The fun will start at 6 pm PST. As always its free to play and there will be prizes!

Depending on participation & support we may do a third round.

We are hoping this will be the start of Dauber Tunes being back regularly (at least once a month). However, it will depend on you. Join us, even if it’s to chill out and chat. Invite your friends and family. Support us anyway you can! You = more Dauber Tunes! Right now we have tentatively marked July 20th as our next event.

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