Dauber Tunes Contest Alert!

To celebrate the return of Dauber Tunes, we thought we would celebrate with a giveaway! Let’s reconnect and get to know each other! Between June 15th and July 16th engage with Dauber Tunes’ socials & channels and be entered to win a $25 gift card from Amazon or Starbucks (your choice). The draw for the prize will take place on July 16th.

To enter it’s as simple as following, subscribing, tipping or purchasing. The more you do the more tickets you will get! So how do you enter?

Entry Action:

No of Tickets

  • 1 ticket per follow
  • 2 tickets per follow
  • 5 tickets per boost or 200 bits
  • 10 tickets per $2.50
  • 25 tickets per sub
  • 50 tickets per gifted sub
  • 75 per card purchased
  • 100 tickets per Tier sub
  • 250 tickets per $10 spent

Since we last had a Dauber Tunes we have added a few ways to interact which allow for more interaction and benefits for our community members as well as the hosts. These include boosts, loot cards, and channel memberships. Learn more about each below.

Boosts : Via UnCanny, you can buy boosts (just like Twitch bits) which will initiate interactions like instant replays, dance offs & lip sync battles.

Loot Cards : By StreamLoots, purchase cards that will make your hosts to a variety of funny, scary or uncomfortable tasks. They are a lot of fun, especially if you want to mess Coo up!

Channel Memberships: Through Forthwall you can now subscribe directly to Dauber Tunes & Coo. These membership will provide you perks & benefits you can’t get through Twitch. In fact, you can get a discount off your Twitch sub if you sub to Dauber Tunes via one of these Channel Memberships.

Let’s re-engage and get to know each other again, and have a chance to win something! BINGO!

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