!BINGO vs Bullying – 12 Hours of #musicbingo & fighting bullying

12 hours of #musicbingo & fighting bullying!

Mark your calendars! Starting this Saturday at 11 am Dauber Tunes will be going live for 12 hours for our !BINGO vs Bullying charity stream. The day is going to be one full of fantastic music, bingo, laughs, giveaways, community appreciation and giving back. We hope you can join us. Check out what we have planned for Saturday!

Community Appreciation & Bingo with a Musical Flair:

Over the past two years a number of our community members have contributed to Dauber Tunes by providing input on our playlists. This has come in the form of submitted songs for our view choice lists or coming up with their own unique lists. In appreciate of their and all our community we will be playing those lists throughout the day.

Please note: Things will be a bit different during this Dauber Tunes in that when you win a round of bingo you will get points. Between 11 am and 7 pm first, second and third place finishes will involve points. Those points will be tallied throughout the day and a winner will be announced at 7 pm. From 7 till our last round we will revert back to our regular $20 winner and sub for second place format.

Giving Back & Fight vs Bullying:

We will be raising money for two fantastic charities whose missions are to embrace diversity & eliminate bullying. We hare raising money and building awareness for Free2Luv & BullyingCanada.

Free2Luv is a US-based organization that seeks to take bullying to bravery. The devastating effects of bullying on youth are well documented. Through music, art, film, theater, story telling & social media Free2Luv aims to build awareness, start conversations and heal minds & hearts of today’s youth. Donate Now!

BullyingCanada is Canada’s only national anti-bullying charity. Their aim is to create brighter futures for youth who are bullied. Donate Now!

Our goal is to raise $500 for each organization, but hoping to raise a whole bunch more!

We are also offering a number of rewards to encourage you to contribute to either or both of these organizations. We have set up these rewards based on your individual donations. This way we we can reward as many of you as possible. Check out these rewards below:

  • $5 = Ticked to !Bingo vs Bullying T-Shirt
  • $10 = 10 Squats from the host(s)
  • $20 = Lip-Sync Battle between hosts
  • $25 = Pick A Song on your cards (free space)
  • $35 = Dance-Off between hosts
  • $50 = LadyCoo Prose – LadyCoo will write you a poem
  • $100 = !Bingo vs Bullying T-Shirt
  • $250 = !Bingo vs Bullying T-Shirt & Mug
  • $500 = Pick Dauber Tunes’ Themes for a month

SPECIAL STREAMER REWARD: $75 = LadyCoo with Co-Host a Stream of Yours

You can start donating anytime by clicking on the “Donate Now” links above.

Note: CasualCoo & LadyCoo will be donating any proceeds from tips, bits, subs, Stream Raider skin purchases and merch sales to our selected charities.

Let’s you friends & family know about this event, and see you Saturday!

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