Dauber Tunes Community Day

Here at Dauber Tunes we do like our parties! We just came off a very busy season for parties and celebrations. With things the way they are, we feel there is room for one more party! We would like to invite you to a special, 12-Hour Dauber Tunes on January 29th, 2022.

This party is to be all about our Dauber Tunes community and the communities in which we live. The goal will be to play as many of our community members’ playlists while raising money for a worthy charity. It will be a full day of music and giving back! 

As this event is also to be a charity event, we would like your help to determine what charity we will support. We will set up a campaign for an American along with a Canadian charity to help communities where our Daubers live. Click on the following button to select the charity organizations we will support. 

Keep an eye on our socials and here for further updates in the near future. 

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