At least 2 Dauber Tunes in August!

So, CasualCoo is so sorry for cancelling our July Dauber Tunes. Life just got too busy! However, there is some exciting news for all your Daubers! We we will hosting 2 events in August, less than 2 weeks apart! How does that sound?

Dauber Tunes is back on August 1st as part of CasualCoo‘s 4th Twitch Anniversary. Coo will be doing at least 2 rounds of Dauber Tunes between 5 and 8 pm PST for this event. We will be doing Beach & Summer Hits along with Flower Garden as our thems. Click here to learn more about this event.

As a make up for the cancellation of the mid-July Dauber Tunes we will be doing another event on Thursday, August 10th. We will get started at 6 pm PST. An announcement regarding the evening themes will be coming in the next few days.

Based on support and turn out for the first two Dauber Tunes, there maybe a third event! ***hugs and kisses***

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