100 Playlists! Yep We Did It!

Dauber Tunes now has over 100 playlists!

Well WOW! Thanks to suggestions from our community, submitted playlists and just a bit of the crazies Dauber Tunes is excited to announce that our library of playlists has broke the 100 level.

On April 1st, 2020, during that world changing event call the pandemic, a little online, social experiment started call Dauber Tunes. Subsequently every Saturday for 2 years a group (sometimes very large group) of people got together online to play music bingo online. These events allowed us to socialize, listen to some fantastic music and win prizes during a time when we could not do that normally.

The friendships & community that was created and grew during those Saturday nights has been incredible. There are so many factors that can be contributed to the community that now exists, but a primary factor is the music. Since it’s inception, Dauber Tunes has continued added new playlists to their library. These playlists have come from our HQ but most of them have come from suggestions from our community and direct submissions from those who play and watch. Thank you all!

As of this fall Dauber Tunes is excited to announce that we now have over 100 playlists. These playlists are available on YouTube so anyone in our community or other music bingo hosts can access for free. Please check them out! To celebrate this milestone we will be featuring a playlist on our socials every Monday.

If you have a suggestion for a Dauber Tunes playlist click here and let us know. If you want to create your own playlist email us and we will send you instructions.

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