Will this COVID thing is still sticking around! Are you looking for away to get your staff together, without being together, for a Christmas party? Dauber Tunes can host you a Christmas party!

Everything about the season is giving and Dauber Tunes gives you the following when you host your work Christmas party with us.

  • COVID responsible and follows current COVID health orders.
  • Dedicated stream, only your colleagues and allowed guests will be allowed to play.
  • Your staff will select the evenings from our library of over 40 different playlists.
  • Bring your staff together through a broadcast via any Internet-enabled device.
  • Interactive broadcast including chat, audience-included mini-games, stream avatars, giveaways, direct interactions with host i.e. LadyCoo poetry, and much more.
  • The opportunity to foster and building some friend rivalries with your co-workers.
  • To dance and sing as badly as you want to in the comfort over your own home, where you will not have to worry about being the center of the water-cooler chit chat the next day.
  • OH! Don’t forget, two extremely charming and entertaining hosts!!!

Interested in learning more about Dauber Tunes work Christmas party? Click here to drop us a quick email and we will be in touch.