Santa Sanchin’s Secret Santa Exchange

During our December 19th Dauber Tunes Christmas Party we are looking at having a secret Santa gift exchange. If you are interested in participating please review the below and fill out and submit the following form.

Like any secret Santa gift exchange you will be matched with an individual whom you will than give, or more likely in our case send, that person a gift. You will not know who the individual is.

If you are interested in participating in this gift exchange we ask you to:

  • Fill out the following form
  • Spend no more than $10
  • Send the gift to the person you are matched with as quickly as possible
  • When you get your gift take a video opening it or a picture of yourself and the gift
  • Send your video or picture(s) to CasualCoo & LadyCoo

We hope that during the 19th we can share some videos and pictures of people’s gifts. We will play bit of of a guessing game for some Dauber Tunes merch to see if you all can guess people’s secret Santa. If the gifts arrive after the 19th we still want you to take a video and/or pictures. We will then share with you here on our website and on Facebook.

During our December 12th stream we will put all those who have filled out he following form and pull names. We will then inform everyone after stream. You will have till 8:30 pm Pacific to fill out the following form. There is no obligation to participate but if you submit the following form there will be an expectation that you will send your match a gift.