July Playlists

It’s a new month which means new playlists to add to our music library. There are only a couple of new lists this month from Dauber Tunes HQ. Don’t fret as more are coming and we have added 20 plus over the past few months. In addition, we have word lists are coming from CasualRad_NateDog, FortofNerd, and another from the Posse.

We want your playlists! Dauber Tunes is all about our community. We would love you to create your own playlist and we will add it to our rotation.

To create a playlist start by going to YouTube. Once you are there find your favourite songs & artists, click on save, and then select (or create) your playlist. Click here for a specific how-to from YouTube. Ideally, your playlists should be 90 songs, but any number between and 90 songs works. When completed open up a Word or Google Doc and list the songs and artists in your playlist. Please follow the format of Song – Artist. Once that is complete email the link to your playlist and accompanying document to us.

All our playlists are available to access at any time on our website. Click here to access them.

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