Lady Coodown’s Prom Society Paper Issue No. 1 is Out!

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To ensure our community members on top of all the news & gossip Lady Coodown is planning to keep us up-to-date on all the things social leading up to the Dauber Tunes’ Spring Prom. Please enjoy!

Gentle readers, the Dauber Tunes ton is abuzz with talk of the Spring Prom on Saturday, April 10, 2021. It stands to be the grandest stay-at-home outing in all the land! This author has already discovered some important pieces of news that will certainly whet your appetite for gossip and intrigue!

  • LadyCoo is said to be accompanied to this gala event by none other than Viscount Gruber McStuffins of RadAbbey Manor! His promise of a meal cooked by the famous chef Red Lobster, and nay, even covering the cost for said dinner has this author questioning: Is he really such a rake after all?
  • Lord Chevypower accepted Lady Atania’s offer to join him at the Prom…though this author is unsure if it was actually the other way around. Lord Chevypower was heard uttering flattering phrases such as “sweetie pie” and “sugar pie”. Where does this leave His Grace Sanchin?
  • Meanwhile Lady Atania, always the picture of poise and grace, promised that her dress would “come off like a prom dress”. Will Lady Atania’s shy demeanor and prudish nature help her in her quest to become Prom Queen? What does she truly know of ‘the marital act’?
  • Lady KimCam and Lady Waverly have shone during their debut in the ton this season but have not yet accepted dates for the Spring Prom. Neither has Viscount BCMaleDragon – we shall see how many lovely individuals will join this eligible suitor along the Naughty Corner’s Dark Walk. Whose reputation will be sullied this weekend?
  • Who is the mysterious Roomie that seems to accompany Viscount BCMaleDragon each weekend? We must search for clues this week to solve the mystery.
  • Sir CasualCoo has claimed the honor of announcing the first date for this momentous occasion…however much of a pity date it may be. The author is unsure of the mechanics of this date due to the distance between the two suitors.
  • Finally, this author wonders, what does a cat, especially one as fine as Harvey, wear to Spring Prom? We’re pawfully curious!

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