New Channel Points Rewards

One of the fun interactive elements Twitch provides our stream with are Channel Points Rewards. Our stream’s Channel Points are called CooCoins. You can use these coins to have fun with CasualCoo, LadyCoo or the audience. You can check out what you can do by clicking on the orange COO icon below the chat dialogue box.

We have added some new rewards that you can spend your CooCoins on. Check out what our new rewards allow you to do. 

Host / Viewer Interactions:  

  • Hydrate – make the hosts drink some water
  • No Swearing – for a period of 5 minutes the hosts can’t swear
  • Word Ban – for a period of 5 minutes ban the hosts & chat from using a chosen word
  • Ask BabyYodaRocks – ask our resident philosopher a question you are trying to figure out on your pathway to enlightenment 
  • Only Words Starting with T – LadyCoo can only use words that start with T

Sound Effect Rewards:

You can use your CooCoins to initiate the following sound effects:

  • Waka Waka – plays Shakira’s Waka Waka song
  • Balls – plays “Balls of Steel”
  • BennyHill – plays the Benny Hill theme song
  • Murloc – plays the sweet voice of a Murloc
  • Leroy Jenkins – plays WOW’s greatest sound meme
  • Wrong – play a wrong sound we all know! 
  • Butter – play a sound espousing the value of exotic butter
  • Okay – plays “are you okay?”
  • Trollolol – plays the best holding hands and skipping down the street sound
  • Rad-Recorder – the most beautiful recorder sound ever!
  • Fluffy Unicorn – you know we all need a fluffy unicorn dancing on rainbows.

Click here, if you are new to the channel and would like to learn more about Channel Points.