Invitation to Dauber Tune’s Discord

We would like to invite you to join our Discord server. Discord is an online tool that allows people to talk, share and interact with each other in a secure and reliable manner. Discord is accessible either via an app or your browser. 

Our planned usage for Discord and our Dauber Tunes community: 

  • Use to voice chat with each other, could possibly incorporate this into some streams.
  • Opportunity to provide you with stream news and announcements.
  • Host other Dauber Tunes events like gaming nights. 
  • Opportunities to just text chat, share links or images, keep in touch, etc….
  • Access to Dauber Tunes’ resources like our playlists & community galleries.
  • Opportunities to host exclusive giveaways.

Click here to learn how to set up and get started with Discord. Our server is free to join and access.


Please Note: Once you are a member of our Discord you can use it anytime you like, even when there is no Dauber Tunes stream going on.