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One of the many ways you can keep updated on all things Dauber Tunes is our weekly Tune News email newsletter. This publication is sent out on Wednesday (or Thursday) each week. It is chalked full of information about what is going on around the Dauber Tunes community along with information about upcoming events and highlights from our weekly social media posts. If your register to play Dauber Tunes you should get our Tune News, unless you unsubscribe.

It has come to our attention that changes in some mail programs may be pushing the Tune News into junk or spam folders. If you have played Dauber Tunes and haven’t seen your Tune News check your spam or junk mail folder. We have found this especially true for any Gmail users. Please check your promotion or spam folders and if you see our newsletter mark it as non-spam/junk. We just want to make sure you are getting all the important news and information that you need each week.

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