New May Playlists

The music we play each week during Dauber Tunes is the key feature to our stream is the music! We like to make sure we are constantly adding new playlists to ensure we can keep entertaining our community. We had a flurry of new playlists we added on April, and May has turned out to be another fantastic month for new music.

This month we have 6 new playlists. One is from one of our fantastic moderators, JayNine, while the others have come from suggestions in chat and the deep, dark, depths of CasualCoo’s brain! These playlists will be added to our weekly poll, so if you want to be part of an upcoming stream please vote. We post a new poll to vote for your favourite playlists every Monday on our social media channels (links below).

Below are our new playlists for May.

All our playlists are available to access at anytime on our website. Click here to access them.

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